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Safety, reliability and optimal return!

Every DAF truck that leaves the production line has gone through a long journey of development and testing. This ensures that all our trucks meet the highest standards related to safety, reliability, performance, running costs and the environment. We also place the same demands on our original DAF spare parts. Thanks to this, you get the maximum return for both your trucks and your own business.


DAF also provides an excellent warranty on all original DAF spare parts. If these parts are installed by a DAF dealer, you get a guarantee not only for original DAF spare parts, but also for the installation costs. You are not only buying original DAF spare parts, but also the associated experience and service.

Since the replacement parts are engineered for the vehicle, you can be sure of their perfect function resulting in optimal truck performance.

DAF has an extensive network of qualified dealers throughout the country. This means that you can always get all the necessary spare parts from your nearest DAF dealer. Thanks to a state-of-the-art inventory management system, a DAF dealer almost always has the right spare part available. You can easily recognize original DAF spare parts by their packaging.

If your truck requires maintenance or repair, we recommend that you choose proven quality. Choose original DAF spare parts. The use of non-original spare parts can have an adverse effect on the consumption of the vehicle. This will clearly cause lower profits for your company.

Advantages of original DAF spare parts: 
  • Spare parts are 100% adapted to DAF trucks

  • Maximum performance and lifetime

  • Reliability

  • Full DAF warranty

  • Minimal operating costs

  • Refurbished to new part standard, in accordance with original DAF specifications

  • Extensive testing means guaranteed top quality

  • They are available quickly and you can get back on the road sooner

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