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Functionality and fun

Thanks to their economy, quality and low maintenance costs, DAF trucks are literally the driving force of your transport income and your company image. But DAF can enhance the performance and look of your trucks far more. You can customize your truck perfectly to your needs.

In the DAF accessories range you will find everything you need for a successful business:
  • DAF XF Euro 6 bottle holder

  • Resourcesto reduce operating costs

  • Easy driving for greater driver comfort

  • Safe driving, which protects not only the driver and his DAF truck, but also other road users and the environment

  • Significant impact, which will strengthen the image of your company and the pride of your drivers

  • Attractive clothes, which will give you a sense of belonging to the DAF brand wherever you are.

The DAF accessories range: all the accessories that can make a big difference in your haulage business. A specialized offer that will help improve the operation of vehicles and the work of drivers and that will add a little joy to your daily work. By providing a higher level of safety and comfort on the road, reducing operating costs and improving the image of your company. There is also a special offer of DAF clothing for anyone who enjoys the feeling of belonging to the DAF brand. On and off the road.


A comprehensive range of DAF accessories has been developed for every DAF truck. DAF LF, CF and XF. From spoilers, seat covers, sun visors and aluminum discs to a fridge or TV and VCR. Each accessory is made from high quality materials and engineered to perfectly fit our trucks. Thanks to the attractive and massive design, these accessories are a joy to own and use, not to mention a number of features that really increase the enjoyment of driving.

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