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The largest offer of refurbished parts


DAF offers high-quality alternatives for a large number of components such as starters, alternators and transmissions. They are known as genuine DAF remanufactured spare parts. DAF has the largest range of refurbished spare parts in the industry.

DAF has its own production plant, where specialists under the supervision of the development department renew used DAF components.

Our original remanufactured DAF spare parts meet the highest quality standards just like original DAF spare parts. They are redesigned and tested in accordance with the pre-defined DAF standards. This ensures that the quality of these parts is comparable to that of new replacement parts. The same warranty conditions as for original DAF spare parts apply to original refurbished DAF spare parts.

Reusing parts is better for the environment and can also contribute significantly to cost savings. Thanks to original remanufactured DAF spare parts, your operating costs will be significantly reduced due to the quick replacement of complete sets at attractive prices.

Advantages of a refurbished DAF engine:
  • Reworked to original DAF specification

  • Thoroughly tested

  • Value for money

  • Less vehicle downtime

  • Full DAF warranty

When the time comes to repair a faulty or worn engine, DAF Genuine Remanufactured Parts offers the option of a factory remanufactured replacement engine. The quality of this power unit is identical to the original DAF engine, as the remanufactured parts are subject to the same strict requirements as the original production process. Engine  is therefore like new and is in demand for its price. DAF can offer a very wide range and ensure a suitable solution for every type of repair.


Reconditioned engine with added value
Reliability, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, emission values and warranty are essential factors when choosing a DAF vehicle, and the same requirements apply to a remanufactured engine. The engines are completely dismantled by DAF Trucks and then reassembled as new. Refurbished engines are then tested under the same conditions as new engines. Engines are released for sale only after rigorous analysis of test results. Therefore, genuine remanufactured DAF engines are clearly more advantageous than engines remanufactured in your own workshop or by a third party. By using a remanufactured engine with DAF services, you also increase the residual value of your vehicle.

Advantages of a refurbished DAF gearbox:
  • It matches the DAF powertrain in all respects

  • Minimal friction for favorable fuel consumption

  • High quality, good price

  • Same warranty as new transmissions

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the repeated use of materials

  • Costs known in advance (as opposed to repairs)

  • Minimal downtime caused by replacing complete assemblies

A refurbished transmission that shifts as flawlessly as new? Complete with a factory warranty for guaranteed durability?

Yes, it is possible with a factory-repaired DAF Genuine Remanufactured Parts remanufactured transmission that offers new unit quality at a bargain replacement part price. DAF has an original remanufactured transmission for almost every vehicle in the range.

Optimum operational reliability

The transmission is an important link in the vehicle drivetrain. It allows economical driving at the optimal gear regardless of load or speed. With an engine of more than 500 HP, the forces in the transmission can easily reach thousands of Newton meters. With such forces, the transmission is extremely stressed.

No one wants to take unnecessary risks and therefore naturally choose the highest quality when a defective gearbox needs to be replaced. With a gearbox of genuine DAF remanufactured spare parts with a full factory warranty, you choose optimal operating reliability and optimal shifting comfort.

Advantages of a refurbished DAF clutch:
  • Reworked to original DAF specification

  • Less vehicle downtime

  • Value for money

  • Available immediately

  • Full DAF warranty

When it comes time to repair a faulty or worn clutch, the DAF exchange service offers you the choice of a factory remanufactured clutch. The quality of this remanufactured part corresponds to the quality of the new unit, because the same strict requirements are placed on the part during the reconstruction as during the original manufacturing process. The original refurbished clutch is therefore literally like new, and it is also advantageous for its price.

Maximum performance

The clutch is a vital part of the powertrain and is subject to heavy wear during use. It must deliver maximum performance even under extreme conditions while offering sufficient comfort by absorbing vibrations. That is why the DAF clutch kit consists of perfectly matched quality components.

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