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Every DAF truck that leaves the production line has gone through a long journey of development and testing. This ensures that all our trucks meet the highest standards related to safety, reliability, performance, running costs and the environment. We also place the same demands on our original DAF spare parts. Thanks to this, you get the maximum return for both your trucks and your own business.

ORIGINAL PARTS- DAF also provides an excellent warranty on all original DAF spare parts. If these parts are installed by a DAF dealer, you get a guarantee not only for original DAF spare parts, but also for the installation costs. You are not only buying original DAF spare parts, but also the associated experience and service.

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REFURBISHED PARTS- DAF offers high-quality alternatives for a large number of components such as starters, alternators and transmissions. They are known as genuine DAF remanufactured spare parts. DAF has the largest range of refurbished spare parts in the industry.

DAF has its own production plant, where specialists under the supervision of the development department renew used DAF components.

ACCESSORIES- Thanks to their economy, quality and low maintenance costs, DAF trucks are literally the 'driving force' of your transport income and your company's image. But DAF can enhance the performance and 'look' of your trucks far more. You can customize your truck perfectly to your needs.


SPARE PARTS TRP- TRP is a spare parts program created by PACCAR Parts, which together with the DAF Genuine Parts program provides spare parts "under one roof". The TRP program includes parts for all brands of trucks, trailers, lowering faces and a wide range of workshop consumables and tools.

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